Your business card

Your website is often the first interaction that (potential) customers have with you or your business. Because this gateway to the world is open 24/7, the website should highlight the successes of your business, generate interest in your product and build trust with your customers.

An informative, attractive and clear website is your virtual business card and shop window. It also forms an indispensable part of your brand image.

A successful website has

  • valuable content
  • good navigation
  • an excellent sense of commercialism
  • insight into the behavior of Internet surfers

But many websites there is certainly something wrong with at least one of these requirements.

The result is, for instance, that the navigation does not lead your visitors to where you want them to go to or your site does not convey the message you want to convey.


Many companies make artificial websites with all kinds of fancy graphics and smooth tricks because they think people like to see beautiful designs. But if visitors find your website navigation too complicated or confusing, they will give up soon and go to your competitor’s website.

Therefore, a good navigation design is extremely important: An average website will lose 25% of visitors per click. I know how to structure your content and guide your visitors quickly to the correct location.