Do you want to stand out among all the other candidates for ‘your’ dream job?

Looking for work? Or ready to move a step up in your career? Create your unique online CV!

For € 150 I design and make your own personal website which you then can update yourself.


  1. Get a domain name and a hosting package from a hosting provider. There are many different providers but on average registering and hosting will cost you a maximum of € 100 per year. It’s possible to do it even cheaper but make sure that your hosting provider does support WordPress.
  2. Find a picture on one of the many free photo sites. Make sure the photo is at least 1200 pixels wide. Find 2 accompanying colors you like.
  3. Write your text. In the PDF that you can download here I have indicated exactly how many words and where it should be placed.
  4. Find some funny pictures of yourself and, if you have it, a logo.
  5. Make sure your paper resume in order and up to date.
  6. Cut your CV in chunks as shown in the PDF.
  7. Consider what you further would like to add to your website to show that you are different. This does not need to be done straight away but can also be later … or not. This site is all so special!
  8. Send everything you’ve collected (which you should be able to do in less than a day) and I will use your photos and texts to make a professional looking website which you can then use on your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page or in cover letters.