A complete WordPress website from € 250,=

Of course we will first meet to discuss your wishes and your budget. Based upon this I will make a proposal. If you have selected colours and design and written your texts yourself you can have a website for as little as € 250. If you would like more functionalities I can add them for you. Additional costs above the € 250 is influenced by factors such as:

  • the number of pages
  • the features
  • the template
  • possible changes to the selected template
  • will you maintain the website yourself (in which case you’ll need a mini-course ‘Coping with WordPress’) or do you want me to do it?

In some of the examples I have mentioned an indicative price and an explanation.

Training and website in one

If you have made the navigation structure yourself and you have texts and illustrations you could already have a website for € 250. During a mini-training I will show you how to add pages and blog messages.This can be done within half a day. Of course you can always ask me for support later on

Website maintenance

The cost of updating and/or maintaining your website depends on how extensive your website is and the frequency of the updates. Again, I charge an hourly rate of € 50 (ex VAT). And again you can cut your costs by investing several hours in learning how to use WordPress yourself. Obviously we can also do it together … yu can leave the more complicated changes to me and do the simple things yourself. And in case something goes wrong you can always ask me for assistance!

Voucher system

For the maintenance and support tasks I work with a voucher system. Each voucher of € 100 hours entitles you to 2 hours support. And if you have a small issue in between … that, of course, is free!